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Everything to Know about Blood Test for Kidney Function
21 Jul 2023

Everything to Know about Blood Test for Kidney Function

Are you affected with type 1 and type 2 diabetes? If yes, then you are prone to chronic kidney diseases. If you understand the signs of kidney diseases, then blood tests for kidney function are mandatory. It will help you detect the internal condition of your body. Moreover, it is necessary to take steps for protecting your kidneys. Now, you may want to know how to deal with the chronic kidney diseases that may help in managing your health.

What is Kidney Disease?

Chronic kidney disease is a severe condition when your kidneys are damaged because of various diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. You should try to find and treat the diseases related to the kidney fast if you get any result after private blood tests. Diabetes is the leading cause of damaged kidneys that cannot filter blood while required.  You won’t understand until your kidney is damaged badly. Therefore, you need a monthly body checkup for balanced good health.

If you ignore kidney diseases, then it can be life-threatening. Moreover, you need to understand the root of the problem and consult a nephrologist for the treatment. If kidneys are untreated, then heart disease is the result. There are various tests.

Blood Test

Kidneys remove toxins, waste, and extra fluid from the particle of blood. So, it is necessary to maintain the purification of blood. You always need to manage the kidney functionalities with the checkup of waste removal. It is also important to deal with the blood test along with the blood refining. It is also important to know the basic requirements related to the blood test. There are some blood tests as follows:

  • Serum Creatinine:

    The serum creatinine blood tests work in managing the blood level along with the basic changes. Suppose your kidneys are not working, then your serum creatinine level goes up with the basis of sex, age, and the amount of the muscles for creating the body mass index. Usually, the creatinine level of women should be not more than 1.2 and in men it should not be more than 1.4. You need to get a checkup from the doctor, with serum creatinine along with the test result.

  • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN):

    The test related to Blood Urea Nitrogen is based on the urea condition along with the breakdown of the protein with the foods you eat. If you need healthy kidneys, it is always important to look after the filtration process. The nitrogen level of the BUN is based on the functionalities along with the major functionalities. The treatment plans are always based on the terms along with the major functionalities on the basis of the kidney therapy. The nitrogen level is balanced with the terms with the major functionalities.

  • Glomerular filtration rate (GFR):

    The GFR measure is balanced to set up the kidney removal along with the removal of toxins, wastes, and extra fluid. The serum creatinine level, age, and sex are needed to be calculated with the GFR number to manage the basic changes. The kidney test can help in managing your health properly. You may also deal with the functionalities up to the age of 60.

Urine Tests

The earliest sign of kidney disease is the leakage of protein through urine called proteinuria. For checking the protein in urine, you need an urine test. For checking the protein in your urine, a doctor can help in basing the protein level with the help of urine tests. There are various types of urine tests:

Urine Albumin-to-Creatinine Ratio:

The urine test works the amount of albumin, which compares the amount of creatinine in urine. With the help of this test, it is easy to manage the 24 hour period along with the dimension and changes. The doctor helps in managing the functionalities that are based on the kidney diseases:

  • This creatinine test helps in managing and confirming the results along with the result.
  • If you are affected with kidney diseases, the amount of albumin in the urine is measured. The doctor provides treatment for that.
  • The urine albumin level is measured with the functionalities and treatment along with basic changes.  

Other Kidney Tests

The doctors sometimes measure the blood pressure and recommend biopsy to manage the kidney problems. It is necessary to manage the functionalities related to check up of the cholesterol tests. Here are some forms of the tests as follows:

  • Imaging:

    The imaging tests give a picture of the kidneys with a test to show the condition of the kidneys. With the help of this test, the doctors find out the reports along with the functionalities with the measurement.

  • Blood Pressure:

    The high blood pressure level is needed to be managed with the monitoring of the blood pressure. If you want to manage your blood sugar, pressure, and cholesterol level, then it is necessary to deal with the heart checkup. You need to manage the risks related to heart disease along with the basic functionalities of pressure checkup.

  • Kidney Biopsy:

    The procedure of the kidney biopsy is maintained along with the functionalities of the tissue management. It is also important to look after the changes related to the plans along with the kidney setup and the changes. The biopsy can help in knowing about the kidney condition whenever needed. The signs of the damage are related to the maintenance of the kidney. The last stage is kidney transplantation.

Final Thoughts

If you want, you may visit Walk in Clinic London to conduct your blood tests. It is necessary to deal with the changes related to the functionalities along with the changes in the plans. For getting a booking from us, connect by dialing 020 70968853. You may also shoot us an email at [email protected] for more information. Your kidney health is our responsibility.


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