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Sexual Health (GUM) Clinic in London

Same Day Private & Confidential STD Testing

We are a private sexual health clinic in London offering a full range of STI screening services that includes 100% confidential std testing, necessary advice, and proper treatment. You may get in touch with us when you develop certain symptoms related to discharge, urinary changes, rashes, bumps and lumps. You will be seen by one of the experienced health care providers at our clinic who ensure you receive quality care with a positive outcome. We provide a fast turnaround for STI and STD check results with most blood results delivered within 24 hours and bacterial infection results within 3 to 5 days. Call us at 020 70968853 or book online today for same day STD testing!

Our Popular Sexual Health Screening Packages

Screen Type Tests Included: Blood Screen Tests Included: Urine or Swab (Women) Turnaround Accurate from Screen Price  
Bronze HIV I/II Syphilis Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Bloods- 24 hrs Accurate at 28 days £250
Silver Screen HIV I/II Syphilis Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Herpes I&II, Mycoplasma, Trichomoniasis, Ureaplasma, Gardnerella Women’s Swab – Candida & Bacterial Vaginosis Bloods – 24 hours
Urine- 3 Days
Swab – 3 days
Accurate at 28 days post contact £325 for Men
£375 for Women
Gold Screen HIV I/II
Hepatitis C
Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Herpes I&II, Mycoplasma, Trichomoniasis, Ureaplasma, Gardnerella
Women’s Swab – Candida, Bacterial Vaginosis, Fungi, Trichomoniasis, Ureaplasma&Gardnerella
Bloods – 24 hours
Urine- 3 Days
Swab – 3 days
Accurate at 28 days and conclusive at 90 days post contact £475 for Men
£490 for Women
Platinum Screen HIV I/II
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Swab for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) with types Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Herpes I&II,Mycoplasma, Trichomoniasis, Ureaplasma, Gardnerella Women’s Swab – Candida, Bacterial Vaginosis, Fungi, Trichomoniasis, Ureaplasma&Gardnerella Bloods – 24 hours
Urine – 3 Days
Swab – 3 days
HPV Swab – 2 days
Accurate at 28 days
£625 for Men
£665 for Women

Full Sexual Health Services We offer

STDs: Complete Diagnosis and Proper Treatment

Expert Advice on Sexual Health

Our sexual health professionals will assist anytime you require their advice or discuss potential risks that you have been exposed to. You should consider getting tested after enjoying unprotected sex with your partner, whether or not you are having any related symptoms. In many cases, the infection is not accompanied by any symptoms till at a later stage.

Getting tested allows in detecting any infections early and preventing them from developing into serious threat for your or your partner’s health. Most sexual health infections are usually treated by taking antibiotics.

We provide a wide range of tests and special packages at competitive rates. You may discuss about the most appropriate testing package with the doctor during your appointment at our sexual health clinic.

Fees for Some of our STD Tests

Tests Price  
Chlamydia £91
Gonorrhoea £91
Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea £91
Gardnerella £106
Hepatitis B £59
Hepatitis C Antibodies £120
Hepatits C Antigen £59
Herpes I & II Blood Test £107
Herpes I & II Swab Test
*If you require a Herpes Swab Test, a consultation fee of £150 is payable.
HIV £65
HPV £230
Mycoplasma £106
Mycoplasma & Ureaplasma £135
Syphilis IGG/IGM £74
Trichomonas £106
Ureaplasma £106
Bacterial Vaginosis £71

A blood draw fee of £50 is payable for STI blood test, swab and urine examine carry no surcharge.

Reasons to choose us for sexual health screening:

  • We always try to maintain your full confidentiality and discretion
  • We deliver quick 24 hours turn around results for most STD testing
  • We provide fast treatment when required and requested
  • We offer both online and telephone booking

Frequently Asked Questions

You should visit a sexual health clinic when you need check and necessary advice about different sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Also, if you are thinking about family planning, then you may go there as their services are completely confidential and you need not worry when discussing anything about your sexual health over there.
When looking for an private STD test near me, you may walk in at our sexual health clinic in London. We are providing face to face doctor appointments and you can book your slot for getting fast test result.
When you need to visit a sexual health clinic for the first time, you have to fill out the form with your name and contact details. With the exception of actual GP, you do not need to provide your actual name or tell the staff who your present GP is.
Generally, the hospitals and laboratories do not perform STD tests on routine blood samples without necessary instructions. So, certain STD tests will reveal the status of your infection.
If you need to perform a urine test, then you should not urinate for at least 3 hour before your test. In case you are suffering from gonorrhea or chlamydia, make sure you do not do any sexual intercourse till you get the test results. You might need to conduct a few tests for other STIs.


Getting tested is not only quick and easy, it’s the only way to know for sure if you do or do not have an STD.

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