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Corporate Medical Services

We offer state-of-the-art corporate medical services at our Walk in Clinic London for business organisations of every size. Our thoroughly professional and discreet service proves effective in organising occupational health requirements at highly reasonable rates.

Medical assessment at Walk in Clinic London

We consider the service quality and client satisfaction as the two most crucial aspects. We provide certain privileges to our corporate clients like priority appointments, single point of contact and regular communication throughout the year.

Comprehensive medical assessment of employees

A comprehensive medical assessment of the employees ensures that your organisation has a physically strong and mentally well workforce. It not only boosts the business’ productivity but the medicals also prove helpful for insurance policies of the organisation.

Assessing employees for overseas deployment

Our medical assessments confirm beforehand that your employees are fit and strong enough to work abroad. We can also facilitate your visa medicals on a fast track basis whenever needed.

Fit to work assessment

At Walk in Clinic London, we also offer fitness to work assessment to ensure that your employees work in the best possible environment without having to compromise their health and wellbeing.

Assessment for return to work

This service assesses an employee’s ability to return to work after a prolonged sick-related absence.

Other corporate services that we provide

Vaccination against flu

Group vaccinations can be arranged either at your office or at our clinic to ensure that your employees stay safe from any colds and that the work flow is not hampered in the process.

Verification of sick leaves

If an employee requires a short-term or long-term sick leave, we can assess him or her to generate a more detailed report than that available at a regular GP clinic.

Same-day GP services at discounted rate

We provide special privileges like same-day and urgent appointments to our corporate clients. Timely appointments not only get your employees cured faster but also reduce their absenteeism from work.

Workshops, seminars and health advice

Our doctors possess a wide range of expertise. We conduct health-related seminars and workshops covering multiple aspects including general health, nutrition and stress management. We also offer comprehensive advice to HR departments on cases related to health and wellbeing of employees.

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