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Get GP Services at Our Walk in Clinic in Harley Street

Our Private GP’s in London are happy to offer a full range of medical services at an affordable price for both new and existing patients. If you are visiting or working in London and need to find a doctor nearby, why wait? Schedule a personal GP appointment at our Walk In Clinic on Harley Street today. We will be happy to help you.

Patient satisfaction is our priority which is why we only use trusted and experienced GPs. We are staffed with only accredited medical practitioners in the UK with several years of experience. Not just passionate about what they do, they also provide exceptional care in attending to whatever medical needs you might have.

Do you need any of our GP services? It is an easy process, simply call us on 0207 096 8853 or walk in to 117a Harley Street, London, W1G 6AT or email us to schedule your initial consultation with one of our doctors. We will discuss with you availability and any suitable options with how much it will cost: the consultation fee. After you have seen the doctor all necessary tests i.e. blood analysis, will incur an additional cost. You will not be charged any hidden fees when you use our services.

You can always refer yourself to any of our services without having to register with an NHS G.P.

Get personalised care from our private GP’s

We are aware of the NHS' excellent services. However, there are cases when patients need more control regarding where and when to see the doctor. This is where we come in - by bridging the gap and ensuring that treatments are accurately carried out for you at your convenience. We can ensure you get the personalised treatment at a very fair price from our private GP’s. You can be seen today with one of our doctors or book an appointment with our experienced gynaecology doctor today and avail yourself of our gynaecological services. Being flexible we provide both an appointment and ‘walk-in’ services with no time limits on consultations or limited health discussions.

Private Consultation / GP / Doctor

Our GP services

Medical health services: We provide a range of medical health and screening services to both men and women. We are one of the top small, private medical care providers. The first 'walk-in' clinic and patient satisfaction is our promise.

STD screening: We have knowledgeable and qualified staff at our private sexual health clinic offering a wide range of medical and STD screening. This includes the necessary treatment and treatment plan and subsequent follow ups and advice.

Visa medicals: Walk in clinic has been conducting visa medicals for many years and cover all regions around the globe. (We also provide necessary travel vaccinations. Depending on where you are going you may have to book these in advance.)

Pre-employment medicals: We offer excellent pre-employment medical services to both individuals and corporate bodies. However, during the medical screening, we ensure great emphasis on our approach as well as customising the medicals to the specific requirements of each company.

Vaccinations: Vaccinations for adults and infants /children. Travel vaccinations.

Why choose us?

Over 25 years of experience: All our doctors are knowledgeable and highly experienced with years in professional practice. At 'Walk-in Clinic', patient satisfaction is important to us by ensuring we provide a cost-effective, value for money, pricing policy with appropriate treatments.

Medical excellence: We understand the importance of value, which is why we recruit only highly experienced doctors. We also monitor individual patients' feedback and consultation notes to ensure all patients' medical issues are well taken care of.

Confidentiality: Patient's privacy is respected. Medical reports are kept confidentially for five years and then shredded. Alternatively patients can keep their own medical reports but will need to bring them in if further ongoing treatment is required.

Affordable fees: Why should a private doctor ever cost a fortune? We ensure an affordable fee structure without any hidden charges. You don't have to break the bank over any health issue anymore as 'Walk-In Clinic' has got you covered.

Private Consultation / GP / Doctor




A - Sure we can! You can always call 0207 096 8853 if you are anywhere within or outside central London.
A - Our clinic is open 7 days of a week:
  • 9.00am to 9.00pm Monday to Friday.

  • 10.00am to 2.00pm Saturday and Sunday.

A - We try to ensure a very fair, affordable, price covering all aspects of your care. They are also clearly set out in our prices leaflet. You make payment at the time of appointment unless arrangements are made via your company or you have appropriate insurance cover. There are many insurance packages that do not cover all your needs.
A - It only takes a matter of minutes. All we require are details of your name, gender, age and email address or preferred choice of communication. Other relevant information, including medical history, will be taken during your consultation.
A - Check with your insurance company if you will get reimbursed. We do have arrangements with some insurance companies. Please enquire during your call or visit.
A - An average appointment takes from 15-20 minutes however this may be extended depending on what type of service is required or if medical needs require it. (Safety is the chief determinant.)
A - As long as you telephone at least 20 - 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled time, you can still change your appointment. Letting us know in advance helps us to organise other patients' appointments.
A - You just need to give us a call: 0207 096 8853 and we will do the necessary to fit you into a convenient time better suited to you.
A - Yes, you can! We are more than happy to be able to offer services for corporate clients and block bookings. Call us: 0207 096 8853 and we will arrange for your organisation to have medical cover. Alternatively email [email protected] for a discussion with him about your preferred corporate requirements.
A - Yes. Our services include treatments for all ages. You have to show proof of identification for both you and your child. Treatment is only done for people that hold parental or guardian responsibility for the child.


A - No. Our G.P. will discuss your medical history with you during your consultation. Any medications that you currently take should be bought with you at the appointment to aid in getting the right care and treatment necessary. (We recommend you bring notes with you about anything you would like to discuss and take notes also to help you remember what is important to you that you might forget after the appointment.)
A - No. A detailed medical report is kept in the clinic for our records. This provides background information for ongoing treatment(s) and/or you need more intensive therapies. A copy will be sent to yourself and/or to your regular G.P. only if you instruct us to do so.
A - All our doctors are NHS accredited with many years of experience. We pride ourselves in recruiting some of the very best to ensure the highest quality of health care is available to you.
A - Yes you can. All you need do is to request this when making an appointment and specify your preference. The downside to this is that it might affect when your appointment can be made.
A - Yes! All you need to do is to specify that you would like to see the same doctor from your previous appointment. You can always ask to check who is available for the next couple of days to aid in your decision. You can also ask to be seen by a different doctor from the one you originally saw. The choice is yours and the medical report will be made available to your chosen doctor on your return.


A - No. We offer same day services for medical conditions needing a speedy resolution. However if there is a medical emergency we will follow protocols, give first aid and refer you without delay to the nearest NHS A & E or private hospital for treatment.
A - We offer a wide range of services from initial diagnosis to treatments and follow ups. Same day 'Walk-in' G.P. appointments. Visa medicals. Medical testing, including comprehensive blood tests. Pre-employment medicals. Vaccinations (adult, infants, and travel). Gynaecology and sexual health screens and treatments for infections, and advice for chronic conditions. Consultant led specialist services are available at mutually convenient times to yourself and the consultant specialist. Appointment wait times are shorter than the current waiting times on the NHS. Our list is comprehensive however you may not be able to see the consultant appointed to you by the NHS. The clinic has an extensive list of experienced and excellent consultants who work within the NHS and private sector.
A - We issue prescriptions to you based on the significant clinical need that our doctor believes is appropriate for you. We also can prescribe emergency contraception. Combined Hormonal Contraception (Pill, Patch, Vaginal Ring). Up-to-the-minute approved antibiotics etc.
Controlled drugs are prescribed by us if you have a note from your regular G.P. which is entirely at the doctors’ discretion appropriate to your medical needs.
We do not prescribe weight loss pills, homeopathic medicine or prescription drugs for recreational use.
A - No! You will be required see the doctor and book an appointment before you get a prescription.
A - We can help out with providing a referral letter to a private specialist, hospital, or your NHS G.P. We can also provide certificates to verify health fitness.
A - If you have any medical issue you will like to discuss or a full medical check up then our doctors at the 'Walk-in clinic' can help you with that.
A - Yes we do. For vaccinations please visit the dedicated vaccination page for more details.
A - No sorry. We currently do not do wound dressings.


A - Our doctors can offer a wide range of procedures ranging from blood tests to a swab test, urine, stool or whatever the doctor might need for a diagnosis. Tests come at an additional charge and these will be discussed with you. Further procedures X-Rays, MRIs etc. recommended are also on a standard tariff of charges that you will be made aware of.
A - As a care provider 'Walk-In Clinic' is regulated and registered with the Care Quality Commission and all our doctors are qualified with the General Medical Council.
A - We use the latest protocols to ensure the data protection of all our patients/visitors information which are confidential and safe. All data is properly encrypted over https. There is no cloud storage with any internet company. Medical reports are kept 'in house' for ongoing treatment or you can remove them and take them with you. After five years they are shredded by a certified registered company who deal with confidential waste.
A -Your doctor does have access to previous medical reports if you have attended within the past five years at 'Walk-In Clinic'. However, we do not have access to NHS medical records.


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