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Private Blood Tests in London

We offer private blood tests services in London at our Walk in Clinic on Harley Street. Blood testing is one of the essential diagnostic tools that help you block health problems while still in the early stages. By testing your blood, we can identify any potential health risks. We can also check for any specific problem through individual tests and blood test panels.

Regular monitoring of your health is essential to ensure that you can do your job, be with your family, and lead a fulfilling life. With the threat of heart disease, cancer, and all kinds of illnesses, even when you don’t see any signs or symptoms, is there. Sometimes, you cannot detect them not unless you take the time to go to the doctor and have a checkup.

One of the most effective ways to check if you have any health problem is the blood test. It is one of the essential tools to monitor your health, which will lead you to the right steps for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. We provide you a complete range of laboratory tests designed to cater to all your health needs.

Our Blood Testing Services

We have a full range of blood testing services including:

Vitamin D

We offer blood testing for vitamin D deficiency, ensuring you have enough of the vitamin for your glucose metabolism and bone health.

Vitamin B12 & Folate

Our clinics provide testing for autoimmune diseases and anemia. Through our blood tests, we can determine if you have enough vitamin B12 and folate.

Comprehensive Blood Profile

With our full blood testing, we can provide you a detailed overview of your health including that of your kidney, liver function, cholesterol, and more.

Cholesterol Tests

The body needs cholesterol for numerous essential functions. With our Cholesterol Tests, we can find out what causes your high cholesterol.

Rheumatology Profile

Our Rheumatology Profile testing service provides a general screening for connective tissue disorders and rheumatoid conditions.

Full Blood Profile

The main blood tests we offer is the full blood profile. This blood test is a comprehensive overview of your health, which we provide a reasonable price. It is a complete package with tests that includes live function, full blood count, lipid or cholesterol profile, potassium and sodium, iron profile, calcium profile, and more.

Our full blood profile service is perfect if you need a comprehensive test, such as for work or a yearly checkup. With this, you don’t need to get checked and poked for every blood test you need. We will draw a blood sample and conduct all the tests you need. All you need to do is to book for an appointment or go directly to one of our clinics today.

Consult With Us

Before you get your blood tested, and after the examination, we strongly advise that you consult with our doctor first. With our consultation service, the physician can discuss your overall health, the possibilities and possible results of the tests, and the breakdown of your results. With our attending doctor, you can better understand what your blood tests mean when it comes to your health.

Our doctors can provide consultation regarding tests such as:

  • Thyroid Function Test
  • Full Blood Profile
  • Diabetes Testing
  • Glandular Fever
  • Liver Function Test




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