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How Long does It Take for Symptoms of STI to Appear?

It takes different durations for STIs to show symptoms. Symptoms of sexually transmitted infections are various

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What STD Should I Test For?

It's a piece of common advice to use protection if you're sexually active and have more than one partner

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What Symptoms of Covid-19 Do You Need to Get Tested?

Do you have symptoms of coronavirus? Do you know you can request for a free test to diagnose

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When to Visit a Gynaecologist and What to Expect

A gynaecologist is a doctor who specialises in women's health, especially the female reproductive system

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Guide to Pre-Employment Screening

Those in search of a job are very familiar with the term “pre-employment screening. This term is common for

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What Medical Examinations are Required for having an Immigrant Visa

An immigration visa medical examination is a necessity when applying for a visa. The medical examination usually consists of

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Travel Vaccination: An Overview, Benefits, and Expected Results

For some people, travelling is an adventure while for some others, it is a necessity. Whatever be the reason for travelling

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Importance of Full Body Health Check-up for Your Overall Condition

The concept of performing regular health check-ups is increasing day by day. Many employers are making yearly health

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5 Reasons You Should Get Tested for HIV

When did you last test yourself for HIV? Well, HIV is a common virus that can pass from one

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How Your Doctor can Diagnose for Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism can be diagnosed and assessed by your primary care doctor or an endocrinologist. Some signs, symptoms and

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Our Walk in Clinic

If you are sick or just sustained a non life threatening injury and you do not have immediate access

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Complete Guide to Your Travel Vaccine before Going to a New Place

It is a fact that when you plan to visit new countries, then the chances are you will get exposed to

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Common Seasonal Allergies and How to Treat Them

With the change of nature and flowers beginning to bloom, seasonal allergies can arise

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The Most Ideal Time to Use a Walk-in Clinic

It is rare in this modern and fast-paced world to have free hours making and getting a doctor’s appointment —

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6 Ways to Prepare for your Health care while Travelling

Travelling accompanies such a large number of vulnerabilities and you don't have the foggiest

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Benefits of a Private General Doctor

Healthcare in the UK have been made accessible and comfortable for the masses through the NHS platform —you can always

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Consult with Your Gynaecologist for the Treatment of Gynecological Disorders

Our gynaecologist will always help you in your gynaecological treatments

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When to Seek for A Private GP Service- A Complete Guide to Private Walk In Clinic

The Private GP service offers numerous advantages, for example, same day

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Get Travel Vaccinations from Our Walk in Clinic

Some of your travel destinations might not be safe for you to visit because of diseases that are associated with

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Know the Difference Between Urgent Care Centres and Walk in Clinics

These two medical facilities are all connected to ensuring that people are kept in good health

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Ways To Ensure You Get A GP Appointment on The Day of Your Choice

Most times, getting an appointment with your private GP on the day of your choice is difficult

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Why You Should Choose a Walk In Clinic

Walk in clinics are medical facilities that accept patients without appointments and on a walk in basis. They provide essential

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