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Fitness for work assessments

Fitness to Work Medicals & Certification

Assessing the condition of an employee whether he can return to work after surgery, disability or sickness should be dealt with sensitively by taking into consideration the requirements of their job, working environment, personal needs and ensuring that no condition becomes worse over time.

The assessment considers the physical as well as the psychological health of the employees and whether they can perform their duties responsibly.

If the employee cannot return to work in full-time, we provide other options such as part-time and work from home. By taking help of an occupational physiotherapist, we can evaluate the work stations and make further recommendations that will help an employee to return to their work.

Like other occupational health services, we support employees medically when they provide their medication, correct referrals and ongoing support to ensure that they are comfortable and are taken proper care of.

FAQs on fitness to work

If you or any employee is taking long absence from work due to illness, an evaluation may help both of you to understand whether the absence needs to continue, whether it might be appropriate for the employee to return to work for part-time or when they can return to work full-time.
We provide health advice and proper treatment to the employers and the employees, complete medical assessments, referrals when needed and also advise about the implementation of long-term plans for managing employee wellness, preventing future absences and returning to regular work.
Fitness to Work assessments are for the individuals who are already employed. It is advised that the employees get assessed after every four or more weeks of sickness or after repeated periods of taking sick leaves.


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