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Urine Tests

Health professionals almost always ask for a sample of your urine. It gives an indication if there are any problems or underlying pathology. Testing the urine, also known as a urinalysis, detects cells or waste substances that should or should not be present in the urine.

The primary function of a urine test is to diagnose or screen for a disease and, based on the results of your test, determine if you have a health problem. The result of your urine test is affected by a number of things, including medication, diet, dehydration, exercise, etc.

There are different categories of urine test i.e. pregnancy test, diabetes, infection, STIs, etc. Urinalysis is also used for athletes or an employee, mostly as a drug screen. In general, it helps check your overall health. Taking a urine test should be routine, it is non-invasive, quick, and reliable so having it tested periodically is always a good idea. Diabetics should test their urine more frequently and you can buy kits to use at home or ask, if you have a diabetic nurse, for help with this.

Urine Testing

If you are feeling unwell one of the tests that our doctor will ask is that we test your urine. It will be analysed for anything obvious pointing to the problem and/or sent to the laboratory for further analysis and investigation for a definitive diagnosis. Our doctors will interpret the results and prescribe medications, if needed to get you on the mend quickly. All you need to do is walk in to our clinic or book a consultation today.

When to get a Urine Test?

When should you get your urine tested? Ideally, take the test if you exhibit or experience symptoms of:

  • Abdominal pain.
  • Painful or frequent urination.
  • Back pain.

Urine tests are the normal routine part of your health examination, hospital admission, pregnancy check-up. It is also considered important prior to surgical procedures.

Urinalysis is used if you have any of the above mentioned symptoms which will be organised by our doctor when you first attend your appointment.

Urine Tests

Our doctor/team will organise the type of urine test that is necessary. Specifically:

  • Mid-Stream Urine Test.
  • Drug Abuse Screen.
  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea.

Please contact our clinic if you are feeling unwell. Trust us, we will look after you. Urine testing is usually able to detect anything untoward. There is no need to keep worrying about your symptoms or general health. Walk in to our clinic and get it sorted. We are here for you when you need us.



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