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Urine Tests

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Urine Tests

Urine tests are crucial tests that help you understand your body better. Health professionals always ask a urine sample because this biological substance contains plenty of different clues that tell how your body is doing. Testing the urine, also known as a urinalysis, detects cells or materials present in the urine. These substances point to various disorders that you might have unknowingly.

The primary function of a urine test is to diagnose a disease or to screen if you have any health problem. Based on the results of the test, your kidney might be found to have a problem. It is fortunate if the exam did not find anything, which means your kidney is perfectly healthy. The result of your urine test is affected by numerous things, including medicine, diet, dehydration, exercise, and several others.

There are different types of urine tests, such as pregnancy tests. Urinalysis is also used when testing an athlete or an employee, mostly to exclude drug abuse. The medical field has many applications where a urine test is used. Generally, it helps to check your overall health. Because of that, it crucial to take a urine test periodically.

Urine Testing

If you are feeling unwell and had a checkup, one of the tests that your doctor might ask you to take is a urine test. Your urine will be examined and analyzed for any substances that could point out what could be your body’s problem. In that regard, you can take advantage of our testing services to analyze your urine and interpret your results. All you need to do is visit our clinic or book a consultation today.

When to get a Urine Test?

When should you get a urine test? Ideally, you should take the test periodically. However, you may also take it if you exhibit or experience symptoms such as:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Painful or frequent urination
  • Back pain

At the same time, urine tests may be part of your health examination, hospital admission, pregnancy checkup or a pre-surgical work-up. You may take a urinalysis if you are having any of those symptoms or if you are in a situation as mentioned above. While you may head to the laboratory to take the exam, it is best to consult with a doctor first.

Our Urine Tests

Our clinic provides different types of urine tests. Those urine tests include:

  • Mid-Stream Urine Test
  • Drug Abuse Screen
  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhea

As mentioned before, urine testing helps you in a lot of ways. At the same time, it helps doctors get a better understanding of your condition. It helps them diagnose you more accurately and give the best possible care that will ensure you will get better. With this, it shows how important it is that you get a urine test whenever necessary.

Our advice is to get a doctor consultation first before a urine test. We recommend this so that you will know more about your symptoms and general health. Also, by discussing it first with one of our doctors, you can ensure that a urine test is indeed the best option you need based on your symptoms.




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