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Travel Safe: Necessary Vaccine Packages.

Travel Clinics offer affordable vaccine packages for international travellers. They provide the appropriate vaccine for the country that you are travelling to. Certified and experienced doctors administer and advise you why you need the particular vaccine and/or boosters. Vaccines help you be protected from diseases endemic in the country you wish to visit.

Check online reviews and the services offered to make sure. However, if you have an existing medical condition, it is important to be aware of any complications that may arise and our doctors are able to give you the correct advice and treatment before you go. We offer packages which can include medical tests as well as vaccines.


Same day appointments, as much time as you need with the doctor and instant referrals to our network of Consultant Specialists.

If you are experiencing health concerns, you don't have to wait any longer.

Why do you need Travel Vaccines?

Vaccines are important and recommended for travellers to areas of the world where diseases are endemic and more so if you know it is in a remote area where medical help is often not available if you fall ill. Be prepared and be protected and the best protection are vaccinations. Years of research studies have informed the public of the effectiveness and importance of vaccines. Heard immunity will not protect you from diseases where the population has not necessarily been immunised through lack of money and/or opportunity. So please never assume it will be okay. Get a simple blood test to find out if you have immunity from certain diseases present in the community you plan to visit. It is quick, easy and not expensive.

Why should you get vaccinated?

The following will help explain it:

  • Getting sick during your travel can be expensive and is costly. The most frequent travel illnesses can be avoided with vaccinations.
  • An unvaccinated traveller may be responsible for an outbreak in any area. Please do no harm to others, protect yourself and them, by getting the appropriate vaccines.
  • Mosquito-borne viruses, i.e. Japanese Encephalitis is rarely seen in this country and those diagnosed are frequently travellers who return from their foreign visit infected, and do not realise they were exposed.

Vaccination needs for every traveller varies. It depends where you plan to visit. Our doctors in the travel clinic will guide you. They will also advise you with precautionary measures to help you if you have any pre-existing health problems.

Protect yourself and others (including your family at home) by inquiring about our vaccine packages.

Before you Travel…

There are simple ways to protect yourself before you travel. i.e. vaccination is definitely the first line of defence.

People should not buy anti-malarial medications abroad or purchased over the internet as they are more than likely to be fake.

50% DEET - based insect repellents should be applied regularly (according to the manufacturers' instructions).

  • DEET is appropriate for use in pregnancy.

  • If DEET is unsuitable then a proven alternative should be used instead.

  • For answers to commonly asked questions.


  • Some sun block creams actually stop the effectiveness of mosquito repellents so do ask your pharmacist and read the instruction leaflet carefully.

Please see Malaria; World Health Organization, 2014 (updated 2016) on the internet for additional information.

Not forgetting diarrhoea and vomiting over the counter medications and rehydration sachets.


Same day appointments, as much time as you need with the doctor and instant referrals to our network of Consultant Specialists.

If you are experiencing health concerns, you don't have to wait any longer.

Our clinic will provide information to save you the added expenses of getting sick abroad. Most insurance policies do not fully cover you and impose an excess if you do unfortunately get ill which you will have to pay. Some countries insist your vaccination of certain viruses when applying for a visa. To save your valuable time we can advise you on this and recommend a good company that we work with that can actually get your visa for you. No hassle, within the same building, you need look no further.

It is important to speak with the doctor at least a couple of months before your trip as updates and changes do happen periodically. Also the requirements depend on your length of stay, any pre-existing health conditions and your health generally. Discussing this with our doctor will ensure that you are adequately covered and receive the necessary up-to-date vaccines and medicines for your protection.

Our clinic can help you get the right and recommended vaccines at affordable prices. Please rest assured there is no extra charge for any additional consultation, administrative fees or prescriptions



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