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Covid 19 Corona Virus Antigen Swab Test
Covid 19 Corona Virus Antigen Swab Test Open 7 Days a Week - Early Morning - Late Evening COVID 19 PCR SWAB TESTING FOR TRAVEL IN-CLINIC TESTING, CERTIFIED NEXT DAY RESULTS FROM A UKAS ACCREDITED LAB Appoinment Contact Us

*Update 16/09/20 Our partner laboratory is currently experiencing delays in turnaround time of up to 24 hours. As such, we can no longer guarantee results within 24 hours. If you are contacting the clinic for results or an appointment, please include the date and time of your flight. Thank you for your understanding, we continue to work as hard as we can to ensure everyone successfully boards their flight.

PCR Swab Testing for Covid 19 at Our Clinic in London

At Walk in Clinic, COVID 19 antigen testing via PCR swab for patients in London, or travelling from London. The test is CE marked and verified for use, performed at a UKAS accredited laboratory in Central London with which we have been working for over 15 years.

Results are available 24 hours after your test time, but we strongly recommend patients attend the clinic a minimum of 48 hours prior to their flight.

Case Example: You have a flight at 1pm on Thursday, and your airline requires you to have a negative swab result within 48 hours of your flight time.

We would recommend that you attend the clinic on the Tuesday prior to your flight on Thursday. An appointment made for 10am on Tuesday morning means your results are available Wednesday morning, prior to your flight on Thursday.

We can perform tests within 24 hours of your flight, however we make no guarantee your result will be available on time.


Am I having COVID-19?

  • PCR Swab Test for SARS-CoV-2

Starts from £199

Coronavirus Fit-to-Fly PCR Test and Certificate

Corona Virus Testing for Your Travel Purposes at £199 only

Our fit-to-fly service provides 24 hour results for patients requiring negative COVID-19 swab test results so that they can travel abroad. We have successfully facilitated flights to destinations on every continent, and our certified results have been accepted for travel without exception. Our test results can be returned within 24 hours, so can be an option for patients who may not live in London, but are travelling from a London airport.

You should not select the in-clinic testing service and visit our premises if you are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or have been exposed to somebody who has COVID-19. Patients who suspect a current coronavirus infection should contact the clinic to see if we can arrange a courier for you.

  • At your initial request, please include when you are flying, what destination you are flying to and when you would like to book your appointment.
  • As we need to ensure social distancing, the appointment isn’t confirmed until clinic staff contact you to verify your date and time. Please don’t just show up to the clinic, as we may have to refuse service.

The results are delivered the next working day via email along with your signed certificates. Hard copies are available to collect from the clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The test is to prove you do not currently have coronavirus. In most cases, you will need a negative swab result within 72 hours of your travel, however this has to be verified with the airline.

Yes, our doctor can sign a medical certificate that declares you are free from coronavirus, which is needed by some countries at the point of immigration. The price of certification is £50.

Yes, we happily will screen and certify your whole family at one appointment. Please bring along photographic ID if you are testing your child, for safeguarding purposes.

You need to call at our clinic as we can expedite your appointment, but this won’t be guaranteed, and the expedited tests can be subjected to additional charges.

It is advised to find out if a passport number will be needed on your certificate. In case it is required, make sure you carry passports for all the persons who need to be tested. This will allow us to note down the passport number on your travel certificate.


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