Why You Should Consider A Private Walk In Clinic for Your General Practitioner
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Why You Should Consider A Private Walk In Clinic for Your General Practitioner

Why You Should Consider A Private Walk In Clinic for Your General Practitioner


Healthcare services are important, but the hike in the cost of these services is making a lot of persons unable to get treatment in London. This has even made it hard for people to visit a physician for treatment.

It is true that getting the services of a general practitioner may be expensive, but the good news is that the advancement of walk in clinics have drastically reduced the cost of treatment and has opened the doors for more and more people to get the needed health care. Not only has treatment become affordable, but less severe medical issues are also well handled at these private clinics.

Check out the reasons below to see how you can greatly benefit from these walk in centres than visiting a general practitioner.

1. More Operating Hours

General practitioners usually have a routine of closing their offices around 5 pm. For those who work from 9 a.m to 5 p.m, this set time poses a limitation to their ability to get medical attention. They may not be able to get health services because this time doesn't fit into their daily schedule. This is a difficult situation!

These clinics offer longer weekday hours which makes them a better option for patients with a tight schedule. They are open and available from morning till about 10 p.m. Most patients find it convenient to fit into this schedule. So, you should endeavour to visit your nearest private walk in clinic in Harley Street today; their doors are open for longer operating hours.

2. Available on Weekends

Another challenge in visiting general practitioners aside from limited working hours is that they do not operate on weekends. And for patients with tight schedule, finding out time to visit a doctor becomes almost impossible.

Be that as it may, walk in clinics are always open on weekdays and weekends. Many clinics attend to patients on Saturdays and Sundays. This gives patients the opportunity to get the medical care they need on any day of the week and at any time.

3. Waiting Hours is Reduced

Patients tend to spend more time waiting to see their doctors even when their appointment is scheduled at an earlier time. Often, people get stressed out while waiting especially those on a tight schedule, and may likely debunk the idea of seeing their doctor.

The case is different for these clinics. Here,patients are attended to on time and in an effective manner. This enables people to get back to their work and family easily. Walk in centres provide more access and efficacy for patients as they spend less time waiting to see their physician

4. Handle Minor Issues Very Well

Severe medical issues certainly require the service of a general practitioner, but for patients who need a time-efficient service for simple health issues, walk in centres provides just that. Visit your local walk in clinic for treatment of colds, flu, acute sicknesses, or even to get a flu shot. 

5. Cost of Treatment is Inexpensive

A visit to walk in centre provides one the advantage of getting medical care at an affordable price. This rate is less expensive than using general practitioners. In one study, it was discovered that the average cost of medical care at a general practitioner costs twice the amount charged at walk in centres. For those with a low budget, visit a walk in clinic in London for treatment at an affordable price.

6. Many Insurance Types are Accepted

Many physicians do not accept any kind of insurance their patients offer. They are very selective when it comes to this. However, these clinics generally take any kind of insurance, be it private, Medicare, or Medicaid. They are open to accepting a plethora of insurance types without discrimination.

7. Pricing is Transparent

There are no hidden charges when you visit a walk in centre in London. This is unlike the kind of price patients get when they use general practitioners. The advantage of this transparency is to make patients comfortable and clearly aware of the amount they will have to spend on medical care.

8. Easily Accessible

Walk in centres abound in locations that are convenient for patients to get to. You can find them in places like retail centres, or even community areas. This eases the stress of travelling long distances to find a clinic near you. Visit any walk in clinic near youtoday to get the care you need. So many people may not have the means or time of visiting a doctor at a good distance hence this problem is eliminated by using these clinics.

9. Booking Appointment isn't Necessary

Scheduling an appointment is the norm for general practitioners. This can be a challenge because they may not likely see all their patients on the day of appointment; another appointment becomes necessary! But with these clinics, you don't need to worry. Just as the name implies, patients only have to walk in and get treatment. The hassle of booking an appointment as applicable to a general practitioner is completely evaded.

10. Retail Clinics are more Popular and Convenient

Due to the increased patronage of these clinics, they have become more popular. Many retail locations now deem it necessary to open their private clinics to provide more ease of access and convenience to patients.

It is evident that visiting a doctor is not easy in terms of time and schedule plus the financial weight of getting treatment. All these challenges have been surmounted with the use of walk in centres today.

Treatment and cost of treatment are more convenient and affordable for those who can not afford a doctor. If you think you fall into this category, take advantage of the numerous walk in ccentres around. Visit medical walk in clinic in London today to ease your medical concerns.

At our walk in clinics you can get help with the following:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Quit Smoking
  • Loss of Weight
  • HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)
  • Chronic Fatigue, etc

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