Why You Should Choose a Walk In Clinic
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Why You Should Choose a Walk In Clinic

Why You Should Choose a Walk In Clinic


Walk in clinics are medical facilities that accept patients without appointments and on a walk in basis. They provide essential medical services like routine vaccinations, treatment of mild physical injuries, and also evaluation of cold and flu. Walk in clinics are fast becoming a preferred option to hospitals and traditional doctors’ offices.

If you have not been to a walk in clinic, here are some advantages and reasons why you should visit your nearest walk in clinic. These advantages stated below are just a few of the many others available.

Saves Money

Walk in clinics saves you a lot of money. The cost of getting medical attention in walk-in-clinics is always lesser; it is about half the price of what it costs at an emergency room or the doctor's office. What better way to save your money on health care? Why spend so much, when you can receive the adequate attention you need in a walk in clinic at a lesser price.

We all want to save as much as possible and you may drop us an email or visit your nearest walk-in-clinic without an appointment and minimal waiting time. Alternatively, you may give us a call at 020 70968853.

No Appointment

One of the advantages of choosing walk-in-clinics is that you do not need to book for an appointment and you do not have to wait for hours before you see a doctor. That is why it is a walk-in-clinic you get the attention you need as soon as you walk-in!

However, this does not mean that appointments are prohibited, you can always make an appointment if you wish to by sending a mail to us, or call us on 020 70968853, we will be glad to hear from you.


Walk in clinics are as safe as hospitals when it comes to getting the same-day in-office surgery. This is a fact that many people are unaware of its existence and efficiency. Walk in clinics are an excellent option for those surgical procedures that do not require an overnight stay in a medical facility like an arthroscopy, breast biopsy, gastric bypass etc.


Most times, walk in clinics are in convenient locations like residential areas, unlike hospitals. We are usually closer to you, and you would not need to park a block away and walk down. When you have a medical emergency, you would not need to go far to seek medical attention. You can visit the nearest walk in clinic or call 020 70968853 for more information.

Refill of Prescription

You can always get up to a 30-day prescription refill on any medication from a walk in clinic. Whenever you need a quick refill, your closest walk in clinic can do that for you. This can be very helpful in cases where your doctor is unavailable, or you suddenly realise that you would soon run off your medication, and there is not enough time to visit the hospital.

Urgent Medical Attention

A lot of employers find walk in clinics to be very helpful to their occupational health needs because it is quick, especially in the case of emergency when their employees need to receive urgent medical care. Walk in clinics also provide all types of health screenings needed by an employer as part of a pre-employment requirement, including drug checks.

A plus about walk in clinics is that they accept all types of medical insurance, so you have no problem. If your doctor accepts your insurance, then a walk-in-clinic would.

If you have not been to a walk in clinic, why not pay us a visit with the advantages listed above and more you should not have any reason to fear.

You can visit Walk in clinic in London today or call us on 020 70968853 to book an appointment.


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