Ways To Ensure You Get A GP Appointment on The Day of Your Choice
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Ways To Ensure You Get A GP Appointment on The Day of Your Choice

Ways To Ensure You Get A GP Appointment on The Day of Your Choice


Most times, getting an appointment with your private GP on the day of your choice is difficult and seems almost impossible. The problem with making an appointment with your private GP usually starts from getting your call to go through then convincing the person that takes your call that you are ill and persuading the receptionist to book your private GP appointment on the day of your choice.

Everyone wants a quick cure when they are sick so they can get back to their normal activities, and this means a visit to a GP on time and when it is convenient for them. This is not always possible because a lot of people do not know how to go about getting a private GP appointment on the day of their choice. Here are some steps to follow if you want to get on the good side of your GP’s receptionist and get them to book your private GP appointment when it is convenient for you.

Do your homework

One of the vital things you need to do is to inquire about the surgery policy on appointments — either call on the day you need to see the private GP or book online. You can also enquire if there is a typical waiting time for bookings that are not an emergency. When you follow the due protocols instead of making demands, you have better chances of getting an appointment.

Turn up!!! Do not phone

If you intend to have a same-day appointment, it’s better to be at your GP’s in person when they open rather than call. In the mornings, a private GP is more likely to be swamped with calls, and you may be the last person in line.

Select the right day

If it’s an emergency, it’s better to see the doctor right away, but if not, you should wait. According to some research publications, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the quietest days for surgeries, and any non-emergency case can be attended to without stress.

Mondays are usually busy because most persons postpone dealing with their issues until after the weekends and this makes clinics to be more crowded.

Stay calm

Many people do not know this, but shouting would not help out. It might be an emergency, but when you use bad languages and make a scene at your private GP clinic, it would not get you the attention you need. Whatever be the case whether an emergency or not, it is always best to be calm and speak to the receptionist kindly.

Cancel unwanted appointments

If you have already booked an appointment and would not be able to make it, the best thing to do is cancel. Over the years, missed GP appointments cost health insurance companies so much. At least cancelling your appointment makes space for another patient to be attended to.

Keep to your prescription

You must always keep your prescriptions intact. Receptionists usually spend hours getting doctors to sign emergency repeat prescription form forms. These hours could be spent doing other things like answering calls or even attending to walk-in patients.

Share information

When you speak to private GP receptionist, share information on what is wrong with you and the problem you have when you are asked. The receptionists are not being nosy — the information you give will help them know the doctor that will be suitable for you.

Be prepared to see another doctor

You can visit a walk in gp in London during emergency when your private gp is not available. If you insist on going for that doctor you may have to wait for a while or days. If it’s not an emergency, wait until it's after 11 am

There is no doubt about mornings being the busiest time in surgeries in the UK, and it’s advisable to leave issues that are not urgent until later hours when the morning rush is over.


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