Importance of Full Body Health Check-up for Your Overall Condition
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Importance of Full Body Health Check-up for Your Overall Condition

Importance of Full Body Health Check-up for Your Overall Condition


The concept of performing regular health check-ups is increasing day by day. Many employers are making yearly health check-up mandatory for their employees to know if they are physically fit and strong. The old proverb, “Health is Wealth” is definitely something you must consider in order to stay away from any diseases that may harm your well-being. If you do not want to take medication, then it is necessary to take proper care of your body. Your life should be about eating well and maintaining good health. However, it is extremely important to see a doctor from time to time for health screening in London to improve and maintain your overall well-being.

 Why Should You Go for Yearly Health Check-ups?

 A yearly full body check-up is a routine visit to the doctor for evaluating your current health condition. This is an essential step in the prevention of serious health problems. Your private GP can assess the state of your overall wellbeing and diagnose any probable complications that might be at their early stages. With routine check-ups, the doctor may detect these issues and suggest immediate treatment depending on the condition of the individual. Some diseases might be extremely subtle and do not show their signs or symptoms till they have already reached the next level. So, you should visit your doctor regularly, particularly if you maintain a lifestyle that might expose you to some risks.

Why Do You Need to Perform Routine Health Check-ups?

 There are several reasons why you should include a regular health check-up into the fitness lifestyle. One reason is to stay away from any kind of disease. When you perform health checks, the laboratory tests enable you to detect and treat any probable health problems early. Health checks differ from one person to the other based on family health, lifestyle and sex life.

 Health checks enable you to promote better health and improve your relationship with the doctor. Thus, the doctor will educate you for living a healthy life and how you can prevent dangerous habits such as tobacco addiction, alcoholism, eating junk foods, inactivity, etc.

 Will Healthy Individuals Require Yearly Full Body Health Checks?

According to medical experts, you need to undergo a whole body check-up every year to know your overall health condition. For healthy people, the doctors may decide upon a more selective approach to prevent certain diseases, than suggesting them a full health check on a yearly basis.

What Can You Expect During a Health Check-up?

 When you decide to undergo a medical examination, there are several things to consider when it comes to being prepared. If there is something abnormal in your body, you should make a note of it and then discuss it with your doctor during the routine medical check-up. A health check-up is helpful in detecting certain health conditions at an early stage that can be treated on time.

Read on to Know What You Can Expect at the Health Check-up

  • Clinical Record – Your private GP will update your medical history regularly for future reference during each health check-up. They will take care of earlier preventive procedures that include – pap tests, blood pressure, immunisations and cholesterol levels, etc.
  • Family History of Ailments – This is extremely important for the doctor to know as it provides them with an idea about the diseases that might be hereditary in your family.
  • Past Medical History – Your private GP will assess all past medications and medical procedures like surgeries.
  • Lifestyle Information – This will depend on where you are working, your working style, living conditions at home as well as your work-life balance. These small things can leave a huge impact on your health condition.
  • Habits – This means smoking, using recreational drugs, changes in your lifestyle, sexual habits and using seat belts, etc.
  • Normal Body Function –Your daily body functioning involves eating, sleeping, vision, heating, bowel movements, etc.
  • Physical Examination – It is essential for people who have certain symptoms of a disease. However, it cannot be used in the form of a screening test for healthy individuals who do not have any illnesses.

Regular composition for health check-up

 Depending on the preliminary examination, your doctor might suggest undergoing further tests. A full body health check-up consist of blood tests, urine tests, ultrasonography, X-ray, cardiac test and lungs function test. These tests are usually performed at an accredited hospital that has the necessary equipment and tools to perform these diagnostic tests. After you get the results, they need to be tested by a qualified physician.

Here are some tests to perform during your regular health check-up.

  • Physical examination that includes – the height, weight, pulse rate, blood pressure and so on.
  • Blood tests and haemogram that enable you to know if you have anemia, infections, or other diseases.
  • Lipid profile helps to evaluate the risks associated with your cardiovascular health.
  • Liver function tests help you to diagnose liver diseases or understand the functioning of your liver.
  • Kidney function tests can assess the proper functioning of your kidneys.
  • Blood sugar detects your blood glucose levels and can identify pre-diabetes or diabetes.
  • Chest x-ray denotes the chest and other organs of the body.
  • ECG can determine the heart rate and uniformity of your heartbeat. Ultrasonography studies the structures in the abdomen like gall bladder, liver, spleen, kidneys and pancreas.
  • Urine examination is done for proper assessment of your health for metabolic or systemic diseases.

Perform health check-ups and maintain improved lifestyle

 Preventive healthcare has become a necessity these days and if you want to identify a disease quickly, then you should get yourself checked periodically. Health checks allow you to prevent diseases and help you to maintain a good health condition. When you decide to meet your health care provider, they will evaluate your condition and then suggest you to perform some tests or screenings for a better insight of your current health condition. Detecting problems early is important as that can significantly help you with the successful treatment and recovery of the disease. There are some diseases that don’t show any signs and symptoms till they have already caused a lot of damage.

Medical check-ups are not only responsible for your good health but they also enable you to maintain a healthy life. You need to practice good habits by visiting your doctor from time to time and following the advice given by him/her. Make sure you take a well-balanced diet and avoid consuming alcohol, tobacco and processed foods for your improved health. Don’t forget to perform your exercises regularly for getting the best possible results. Common search strings like, “private walk in clinic near me” will enable you to visit a walk in clinic in your area and get the necessary tests and treatments done from the doctor on time.


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