Guide to Pre-Employment Screening
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Guide to Pre-Employment Screening

Guide to Pre-Employment Screening


Those in search of a job are very familiar with the term “pre-employment screening. This term is common for both an employer and a job seeker. Getting through this process is usually somewhat confusing and stressful. Almost every potential employee will need a pre-employment medical screening. This preventive screening can be done in a private walk-in clinic in the neighborhood.

The employers usually feel the stress when investigating and gathering the records of a potential employee. This process alone is time-consuming, and the endpoint can be disappointing if the result does not turn out as desired. For the job seeker, the stress comes from the worry if you will be denied the job because of the parking ticket.

No matter how confusing the process may be, its only importance is to help the employer see the history of an applicant. This is not only for the good of the employer, but it also helps the diligent and responsible applicant to be noticed, unlike others who whiled away their time and ended up falsifying everything.

What is the need for pre-employment screening?

There are many lies in the resumes of applicants and the only way to find the truth is through the pre-employment medical screening. According to studies, about 46% of background checks proved the information provided in the resumes of applicants to be inaccurate. Also, 1 out of 10 background checks from this study showed some detrimental information, while 36% of the driving records revealed either one or more violations.

A business can have a clear picture of an employee independent of what information was gotten during the interview. With the information discovered, the company can tell whether or not the potential employee is fit, will be a positive or negative influence, and will be an asset to the company.

What does it entail?

Industries make this search using various databases that can provide the background check. Depending on the need of the company, this search can be customised to suit the size of the company, the particular industry and the position applied.

Some standard components are used in many screenings. Most importantly, a criminal search that covers the whole country, state and federal agencies will be done. The sex offender registry, the applicant’s compensation history, and motor vehicle records will all be screened to have a complete account of the applicant.

In some cases, the employer may run some screenings to be sure that the information provided in the resume is accurate. This screening may need an education and employment verification with a reference interview. These aspects of the investigation can help reveal the validity of the documents.

The employer can also define the character of the candidate for the role through a social media search, a drug test, and a skill assessment.

What does it take?

As an employer, you will ask your applicant to provide you with some information. You will need at least the full legal name and the date of birth of the applicant. To be precise, you can get the Social Security Number, but you can still run the check without it.

Before running the test, you have to get the applicant informed of what you want to do. You may need to print a disclosure statement and give it to the person you are running the search on before you begin.

Secure yourself and your business

The pre-employment screening can help the employer and applicant through the process can be lengthy and complicated. This check will help the potential employer gather all the desired information from a different source; the best part is that this can be done legally.

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