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Get Travel Vaccinations from Our Walk in Clinic

Get Travel Vaccinations from Our Walk in Clinic


Some of your travel destinations might not be safe for you to visit because of diseases that are associated with such regions. However, one must consider travel vaccination to boost your immune system against such diseases before travelling.

To have an effective travel vaccination, you will need a good private travel vaccination clinic who can give you information on diseases that are prone to your travel location and carry out the necessary vaccination to stay safe and protected when you travel. Your travel location notwithstanding, you can always rely on our clinic for your travel vaccination. Our private GP has vast knowledge on different diseases that are associated with various places in the world – they can give you the best advice on the vaccines you should take based on your travel location.

You should plan your vaccination long enough before you travel because some vaccines might need to be administered for some weeks to be effective.

Travel Vaccines and how do they work

A vaccine is a type of medicine that helps the immune system to fight a disease the body has not been exposed to before. Vaccines for a disease are prepared with the organism that causes the disease which may be killed, partially killed or alive in the case of virulent vaccines. Vaccination is a preventative treatment for a disease.

Once you take a travel vaccine, the immune system produces millions of antibodies which fights and kills the causal organism and continue to go on the rampage in the body for some time in search for a similar organism. When you take a vaccine against a disease found in the country before travelling, it prepares the immune system to fight such disease when you get exposed to them.

Why you should visit walk in clinic for your travel vaccines

Travelling out of the country might expose you to infectious diseases like yellow fever, hepatitis A or B, which your routine NHS immunisation scheme doesn’t cover. To be protected when you travel, you will need to get appropriate travel immunisation to stay protected during your entire trip.

Our walk in clinic offers travel vaccination packages which cover different locations in the world, including Africa, India, South and Central America. Here at our walk in clinic in London, we include vaccinations required for international travel such as Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever typhoid, hepatitis A and B, and chicken pox.

What exact travel vaccines do I need?

The travel vaccines every traveller needs depends on your travel location, what activities you will do there and the time of the year you want to visit. Our private GP can give you the required advice on the exact travel immunisation you need to take before travelling.

When you should see your GP about travel vaccines

Your travel vaccine should be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your trip because that is what guarantees your health safety while you are there. You should consult your Private GP early enough because some vaccines need to be administered severally before it can be effective in your body. Some vaccines need to be administered early too because it takes time to develop immunity in your body.

How long do vaccines cover last?

How long a vaccine last in your body depends on the vaccine that was administered. Some vaccines last for a few years while others may last for life. Your private GP should be in the best position to tell you the length of your vaccine cover and when you need a booster.

Travel Vaccinations by Country

To take the appropriate travel vaccination, you need to be well informed about the country you are travelling. Information such as infectious diseases that is common to the country, the part of the country you are travelling or the time of the year you are visiting will help determine the vaccine to take.

Our private GP can guide you on the right travel immunisation to take. Travel vaccination requirements vary from one country to another. Travelling to destinations like India will need you to take Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Rabies and Japanese encephalitis vaccines. You will need to take Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Yellow Fever vaccine when you want to travel to Thailand – some antimalarials may be required in some part of the country especially if you are staying for a long time.

Wherever you might be travelling to, ensure you get travel vaccination in London to avoid health complications during your trip.


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