5 Reasons You Should Get Tested for HIV
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5 Reasons You Should Get Tested for HIV

5 Reasons You Should Get Tested for HIV


When did you last test yourself for HIV? Well, HIV is a common virus that can pass from one person to the other when you practice unprotected sex, share needles of an infected person and sex toys. It may spread due to bodily fluids such as – blood, breast milk, semen, rectal and vaginal fluids. Read on to know 5 reasons why you should go for HIV tests in London on a regular basis.

1. Testing is confidential, free and easy-

Earlier, you had to wait for a long time to get the results after your tests. But now, you can test for HIV in a reputed sexual health clinic or ask your private GP for it. HIV testing is now much easier with various options available for getting tested. Make sure you know the right testing options for your health.

2. Make sure you know your present status–

Testing is the only way to detect if you have HIV or not. If you have never been tested, it is a good decision to conduct the necessary private blood tests in London to determine your overall health condition. It is advised to get tested at least once a year or even more often in case you have had unsafe sex with more than one partner.

3. Testing keep your health condition in full control –

If the test result is negative, then you may take the necessary action to stay away from it. But, if the result is positive, you will need to go for a proper treatment in order to prevent any further health complications. When people fall sick due to HIV, it is usually due to the testing been conducted late and thus, treatment was not done on time.

4. Keep yourself and your partner healthy –

If you suffer from HIV and do not know about it, then you will probably pass it on to your partner. But, if you are aware about your current health condition, then make sure that both you and your partner take the necessary steps to remain fit and healthy.

For example, if the test result is positive, then your partner may take PrEP while you begin with the treatment. And if you get a negative result, then you can choose to use PrEP yourself.

5. Get proper treatment and support you need –

In the UK, both HIV medication and medical care are for free and if you have HIV, the sooner you start the treatment, the better it will be for you. Make sure you take the HIV medication, as suggested by the doctor.

Thus, if the result of your test is positive, then it is suggested to consult with a private GP in Harley Street for appropriate information and full support to stay safe with HIV.


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