5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Our Walk in Clinic
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5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Our Walk in Clinic

5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Our Walk in Clinic


If you are sick or just sustained a non life threatening injury and you do not have immediate access to a hospital, a private walk in clinic is always available for you. You can always get access to basic medical services such as treatment of a mild to moderate physical injury, evaluation of a cold or flu, and routine vaccination at a medical clinic. 

Walk in clinics are fast becoming a preferred option for medical services because they are inexpensive and urgent. Below are five reasons why you should visit our walk in clinic.

1. No Need for an Appointment

Most hospitals and doctors are usually busy. Patients are required to book an appointment at least one or two weeks in advance. This system does not favour unpredictable circumstances like when someone falls ill suddenly or is in an accident without major damage. In cases like this, you should book an appointment with our private doctors in London because we accept patients on a walk in basis and attend to their needs right away.

2. We Accept Insurance

A Private walk in clinic accepts most major insurance policies and ours is not an exception. You get the benefit of seeing a doctor whenever it suits you and the bill would be sent to your insurance company. You don’t have to pay for your medical needs from your pocket.

3. You Get Medical Attention Without Going to an Emergency Room

We are aware that most people do not like ERs because the wait is usually long, the crowded lobby, and general chaos. A lot of persons also assume that there are other people in worse shape than themselves. All these assumptions make people feel sicker than they are and scared of going to an ER. As funny as it sounds, these reasons prevent a lot of people from going to an ER to seek medical attention when there is an emergency.

When you visit our Harley street walk in clinic, you are sure to receive the necessary care you need in a comfortable environment. In our private walk in clinic, the wait is short and peaceful. You don’t also have to deal with a crowded lobby.

4. We Provide Good Services

At our clinic, we provide seven medical services, and our patients are sure to receive the high standard care they deserve every time they see a doctor. We understand how unpredictable sickness and accidents can be and we are dedicated to caring for your medical needs at any time regardless of when you need us.

5. You Can Get Back to Other Things Faster

When someone falls ill or has an accident, waiting for a day or two to receive medical attention will only prolong the sickness and prevent one from getting back to work or doing other things. Taking time off from your business can limit your finances. That's why we are here for you so you can be cared for quickly and resume to your other affairs as soon as possible.

Visit our private walk in clinic London today for your medical needs without having to wait. You can also call 020 70868853 to book an appointment — we are open 7 days a week. 


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